• Swat: Protest of Class IV Workers

    Swat: Protest of Class IV Workers

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    Anti Privatization Movement in Pakistan

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"Written laws are like spider's webs; they will catch, it is true, the weak and the poor, but would be torn in pieces by the rich and powerful"

Khanewal_SlumDuring the last few days state is planning and trying its best to bulldoze a slum in Khanewal city, which has been there for forty long years. Up till now more than two hundred dwellings have been demolished and the residents are now living under the sky. There are preparations for the demolition of another seven hundred dwellings. There was no compensation offered to these homeless people in the form of money or alternate residence. Hundreds of helpless women, children and senior citizens have no shelter now to live in.

According to article 3 of Pakistani Constitution, it is the core responsibility of state to provide each and every citizen with employment and all other basic necessities of life. Is this what free judiciary can give to toiling masses? Where are its advocates who keep on uttering the rhetoric of ‘state like a mother’? Where are the rulers and politicians who got votes with the slogans of “Bread, Clothing and Shelter”? And where is free media?

Comrades from Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign visited the slum and expressed full solidarity with the victims of state oppression and capitalism when no political party seems willing to do so. The double standards of so called civil society have also become clear. These poor workers of Khanewal have set up committees so that a concrete road map for the struggle may be laid out. Nishat Daha, a renowned politician in Khanewal has three brick kilns on the land of Railway that are still there and still working without any hurdle. No one even pointed a finger at the "property" of this powerful politician and capitalist. But the way in which these poor workers are being humiliated by ‘free judiciary’ and state shows one of the basic and distinct characteristic of a class society like capitalism.

Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign, in an emergency meeting condemned this barbarism and decide to stand by the workers in this struggle. In the meeting the demand was put forward that all demolished houses should be rebuilt by the authorities without a single penny spent by the homeless people and no more houses should be demolished.

Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign appeals to workers of the world to express solidarity with the effected workers and their families. Please send messages by the filling the form here.

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