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Comrade Riaz Lund, Central Chairman Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and well-known class fighter in Karachi, has been shot in cold blood by assassins. In a cowardly and brutal assault, he was hit three times, twice in the stomach and once in the chest.

riaz_hussain_baloch_1Despite the seriousness of his injuries, comrade Riaz has survived and the immediate danger has passed. This is not the first time he has been the target of counterrevolutionary assassins. A few years ago he was shot and wounded by gunmen from the fascist MQM. He survived that attack and we fervently hope that he will pull through again and live to fight against the counterrevolutionary forces that have been spawned by the filthy swamp of rotten Pakistan capitalism. 

Comrade Riaz is an exemplary fighter for the cause of the Pakistan working class. He is a leading figure in the Pakistan Trade Union Defence campaign (PTUDC) and is a well-known figure in the Karachi labour movement. 

Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign (PTUDC) is an international solidarity campaign which was set up in 1995 after a factory labour leader was killed by his employers. Amid terrorism in Pakistan, there is a high level of workplace exploitation including harsh working condition, brutal child labor, underpaid employment (especially of women), absence of health and safety at workplaces and many more. Government is doing almost nothing to address the concerns of workers – instead they are busy helping large businesses in the form of tax-cuts, subsidies and bailouts. Workers are left on the whim of capitalists who oppress them badly.

Riaz stood up to fight for the cause of labour and devoted his life to struggle for the rights of workers in Pakistan. PTUDC under the leadership of Riaz Lund has successfully organised and intervened in the struggle of steel mill workers, young doctors, women nurses, railway workers, teachers and water & power workers. PTUDC also initiated a campaign against Privatisation of industries. PTUDC through its supporters in various countries initiated active campaign in respective countries in support of Pakistan Labor Movement.

riaz_lundRiaz Baluch survived this attack, and we hope that he will live to fight against all form of oppressions faced by the working class of Pakistan. We demand that the government should immediately arrest the culprits involved and deal them according to the law. Such treacherous attacks will never break the will to struggle of the comrades organized in PTUDC. They are accustomed to a life of hardship and danger. But in this difficult time, it is imperative that they should feel that they do not stand alone.

Socialists, trade unionists and revolutionaries from all over the world should express their revulsion at this murderous act and their solidarity and support for comrade Riaz Lund Baloch, for the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign and all the comrades who are struggling against oppression and injustice in Pakistan.

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